Final self-portrait:

"Strollers are AWESOME, people!!"

Emma hears the blender whipping up mom's protein shake. She finds that even in the United States of America she detests the sound of the blender:

Finds those weird Gerber Biter Biscuits simply too messy:

But ADORES these (sorry no consuming pics...dad took video instead ;))

This week, when my brain is working again, Ill post the name of my new blog.

Be assured it shall be painfully dull.

And, after Guatemala, I do believe that I WELCOME that.

New digs? New dogs?

The Gemmie jumps right in.


She is amazed how different her own house feels after three and a half months gone.


Im so thankful (and equally so) that Emma is NOT discombobulated so far. Slept all through the night/is now napping away and that chris had the house IMMACULATE when we returned.

Getting back with so much luggage is overwhelming enough.

That's all folks!


For now :)

We are off tomorrow at 530 am and will be home in the ATX by 3 or so.


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